Monday, 28 November 2011


I made it!!


It was a success!!

Now I'm starting to like violin le,

I don't hate it anymore.

And guess what??

I really started practicing violin nowadays!!

I nearly fainted when I sorta "wake up" and saw that I was holding my violin practicing.

I got a shock la....

Anyways, congrats to me!! :)

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Well, it's not that i'm copying Avril's song,

But i really feel like saying it 'cause i'm DOOMED!!!

OMG my dad registered me to join the Philharmonic Orchestra 'cause he says it's "FUN"

Gosh i suck at violin and i hate practising it and all the notes in the score are like really hard and the song goes really fast and i couldn't catch up at all but if i don't, it will be really embarressing 'cause everyone is playing it in full speed and i'm the only one that couldn't make it and i'll have no image and everyone will think i suck and *gasp* i'm out of breath.

So anyways, it's my dooms day tomorrow.

I just got the score today and they expect me to play it by tomorrow night.

Besides, it's not just one song but 4.

All of them are really tough ones.

OMG someone kill me please...

I'll be willing to pay you if you do :)