Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back in the Block xD or should i say Blog?? lol


Yeah i've been a really really really lazy girl, not updating ANYTHING.

Well now i'm in my "hardworking" mood again so here i am!! VOILA!! xD

I sound a little crazy don't I....

Well i gotta admit it.

I am.

I'm crazy over a SUPER-MEGA-AWESOME boy band....

OneDirection!!!! <3

Especially a certain someone in the band.


OMG he's like so ADORABLE!!!

Okay enough with all my craziness.

So, as i said, i have been lazy, only doing other stuff.

What did i do then?

Well for a change, i actually do my homework.


Yeah, i was pretty much shocked myself.

But this year is EXAM year *thunder rolling*

So i figured it's time for me to get a little serious.

WOW i've never been serious for like how long?


Anyways, other than homework, i'm kinda like addicted to my mum's new HTC. (oh why can't that phone be mine!!)

I keep on downloading apps (including an app on One Direction),

Songs (One Direction songs),

Pictures (Still One Direction!!),

and some pretty lame stuff ( i forgot what i deleted those).

So my mum got real mad at me 'cause i'm always disappearing away with her phone and she'll be hunting for it like mad so one day she said this.

"You can never ever touch my phone again!!" *gasp*

Haha as if i've ever cared.

I still use it pretty much,

Everyday to be exact.

Oh yeah and lately i've been going on Twitter again!!

I's kinda boring, but in a fun way. ( i know what i'm saying but i don't know how to say it so i guess you'll never understand 'cause i don't even understand what i just said)

ok, now i'm kinda running out of stuff to say so...

See ya!! xD