Sunday, 21 July 2013


Oh no exams are coming.

And I haven't studied yet.

I took the time to change my blog header and stuff,

Instead of studying.

Dang it.

What to do??!

Boohoohoohooo *sobs*

BTW, what do you think about it?

I mean the header.

Let me know!! Hahahah

I think I'm gonna flunk this test.

Like I said, it's only a test.

I will try my very very best next time.

Then I will get outstanding results and the world would be happy!


My alter ego just told me to dream on.

Yes, my alter ego.

The negative side of me.


hahaha just kidding!

But seriously, I will have these voices in my head giving me negative comments.

Wet blankets.


Anyways, if you can, pray for me!

I'm in serious need of prayers, school-wise, family-wise and friendship-wise.

Thank you if you do!

I wanna go get some ice cream now.

And I haven't been doing sit ups for two days.

Fatttt go awayyyyyy

OK bye

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Minion craze!




Everyone is crazy over minions!

Oh nooooo

I don't hate minions,

But seriously,

They are getting too much attention!

Minions are sold out everywhere

McDonald's, gift shops,

Literally everywhere!

I seriously don't get it  ~>_<~

Yeah they are cute and stuff

But is all that attention really necessary?

For one, they are not even the main characters!

I saw them on the news this afternoon and that's what inspired me to write this post.

I think it's too much...

People! Wake up!!!!


Stop the mainstream-ness people! (Is that even a word?)


Okay this is something totally irrelevant.

Nowadays people are being too mainstream.

Then the hipsters came along,

And thus the "hipster trend" started.

So now, according to friends of mine,

It is too mainstream to be a hipster now.

Like.... whaaaaaat?

This world is turning upside down


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Do not get me wrong.

It is not me receiving hate from "I-am-too-free-so-imma-hate-on-you" people.

But my friend is.

And you know what?

I don't usually say this but


Sorry but I am seriously pissed!

It is not fair.

If you know someone personally and you hate that person,

I cannot argue.

It is your opinion and your conclusion after your observation.

Lol that sounded like a science experiment.

Back to the point.

But if you never knew that someone, and you just blindly judge them by what they wear, what they do and what they say,

You are just a damn retard with no brain.

And that is a serious insult cos even retards have brains.

And what I am implying is that you don't.

Take that sucker!!

*punch in the face*

Jokes aside,

Seriously, everyone deserves a second chance

But by hating on someone just by your first impression

You are not even giving a chance.

So be wise.

Walk a mile in their shoes before you make a conclusion.

But if you find it too tiring to walk a mile

Then sit back and observe.

Eat popcorn if you have to.

And to all those who has haters,
Don't worry!

You will still have friends that will back you up no matter what.

Friends that will stick up for you till the very end.

The ones that will pick you up when you fall.

But if no one is helping you,

You might have to ponder.

Do you deserve all the hate you are getting?

OK this is sounding like a lecture now I'm gonna go lol bye

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Like... seriously?

Lol! Today, my friends are getting kinda crazy.

They were talking about matchmaking people, pairing couples.

Haha it was hilarious!

XinEn is supposedly "coupled" with her Phun Phun,

While Carmen is with her MC  ;)

Then after that, it wasn't enough!

They had to bring Zhilin into the picture,

And the poor Zhilin is paired with BC.


They tried finding someone to pair me up with, but nahhh they won't find one.

I won't let them, and besides, they don't know the people I know!

It was a super funny day.

And a day that got me broke like hell.

Oh noooo

I have to share Zhilin 's present since her birthday is approaching,

I have to pay for starwalk,

I have to pay for an online skirt I bought,

And there's still more!

I have like altogether 7 or 8 more presents that I still have to buy cos most of my friends' mums decided to have their babies born at this time of the year.


Anyways, I am broke now, and I can't even afford to eat during recess.

Though I still do it cos I love eating and I just simply can't resist food.

And I am always hungry these days.

Dunno why.

I seriously need to start working out again.

Me so fattttt D':

sit ups, pushups

and also some exercises that can improve my stamina.

I need to play volleyball and one senior of mine told me that the secret to great volleyball skills is to have good stamina.

I plan to keep this a secret to my friends.

I want it to be like my secret weapon ●﹏●

So hush if you see this!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

New beginnings

Changed my blog layouts and some other stuffs.

What do you think?

I am kinda impressed actually.

Looks much better and nicer and happier.

No more emo stuff.

I will try to be happier!

I will make my life better by changing my ways and my views in life.

Like the way I changed my blog layouts and stuff.

I like it simple, do you?

Hope this is the start of something new :)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A whole new day.

Hi! Good morning everybody!

I just ate my breakfast. And I didn't like it.

And now the tastes that lingers in my mouth...


Anyway, this is just a random post.

I am actually getting ready for church and I just felt like updating.

It's like... a duty call or something. Weird. I know.


I think that's all for now. I really really gotta go.

Bath bath bath bath bath!

Rubber ducky!

Bubble bubble bubbles!


Just a quick shower.

Have a good day everyone! :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Back, and stronger than before


Hey yo wassup people!

Maybe I am a little crazy.

I was down in the dumps for like so long, I figured,  it should be time I come back up again right?

I have to, even if I don't want to.

So yeah here I am. And like I said, stronger than before. At least I think so.

I hope so.

I've lost so much. It wouldn't hurt to put a few more on the line and take a risk eh?

You never try something, you will never know how things will end up to be.

That's what she said.

Who said, you may ask?

Lol! It was just an imitation of Ryan Higa and Dtrix.

If you don't know them....

Shame on you.

Like literally.

Anyways, YouTube sort of saved my life. I was cheered up tremendously by YouTubers. Their comedy, humour, senseless crazy epic fun...



On a serious note, today is just another boring day.

That's why I updated, sorry guys :p

But I swear. I swear. I solemnly swear.

I will update more often than before. Because I am back to my old days.

I want to be.

I am determined to find back my old me, but a much happier version of it.

Wish me luck people!

I finally found out who my real true friends are, and who are the ones I really care for.

I hope I am not wrong again. I  won't be disappointed, will I?

Doubts doubts doubts.

Ugh shut up.

Oh and BTW, I still think I have multiple personality disorder.