Friday, 12 July 2013

Back, and stronger than before


Hey yo wassup people!

Maybe I am a little crazy.

I was down in the dumps for like so long, I figured,  it should be time I come back up again right?

I have to, even if I don't want to.

So yeah here I am. And like I said, stronger than before. At least I think so.

I hope so.

I've lost so much. It wouldn't hurt to put a few more on the line and take a risk eh?

You never try something, you will never know how things will end up to be.

That's what she said.

Who said, you may ask?

Lol! It was just an imitation of Ryan Higa and Dtrix.

If you don't know them....

Shame on you.

Like literally.

Anyways, YouTube sort of saved my life. I was cheered up tremendously by YouTubers. Their comedy, humour, senseless crazy epic fun...



On a serious note, today is just another boring day.

That's why I updated, sorry guys :p

But I swear. I swear. I solemnly swear.

I will update more often than before. Because I am back to my old days.

I want to be.

I am determined to find back my old me, but a much happier version of it.

Wish me luck people!

I finally found out who my real true friends are, and who are the ones I really care for.

I hope I am not wrong again. I  won't be disappointed, will I?

Doubts doubts doubts.

Ugh shut up.

Oh and BTW, I still think I have multiple personality disorder.


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