Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Like... seriously?

Lol! Today, my friends are getting kinda crazy.

They were talking about matchmaking people, pairing couples.

Haha it was hilarious!

XinEn is supposedly "coupled" with her Phun Phun,

While Carmen is with her MC  ;)

Then after that, it wasn't enough!

They had to bring Zhilin into the picture,

And the poor Zhilin is paired with BC.


They tried finding someone to pair me up with, but nahhh they won't find one.

I won't let them, and besides, they don't know the people I know!

It was a super funny day.

And a day that got me broke like hell.

Oh noooo

I have to share Zhilin 's present since her birthday is approaching,

I have to pay for starwalk,

I have to pay for an online skirt I bought,

And there's still more!

I have like altogether 7 or 8 more presents that I still have to buy cos most of my friends' mums decided to have their babies born at this time of the year.


Anyways, I am broke now, and I can't even afford to eat during recess.

Though I still do it cos I love eating and I just simply can't resist food.

And I am always hungry these days.

Dunno why.

I seriously need to start working out again.

Me so fattttt D':

sit ups, pushups

and also some exercises that can improve my stamina.

I need to play volleyball and one senior of mine told me that the secret to great volleyball skills is to have good stamina.

I plan to keep this a secret to my friends.

I want it to be like my secret weapon ●﹏●

So hush if you see this!


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