Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Do not get me wrong.

It is not me receiving hate from "I-am-too-free-so-imma-hate-on-you" people.

But my friend is.

And you know what?

I don't usually say this but


Sorry but I am seriously pissed!

It is not fair.

If you know someone personally and you hate that person,

I cannot argue.

It is your opinion and your conclusion after your observation.

Lol that sounded like a science experiment.

Back to the point.

But if you never knew that someone, and you just blindly judge them by what they wear, what they do and what they say,

You are just a damn retard with no brain.

And that is a serious insult cos even retards have brains.

And what I am implying is that you don't.

Take that sucker!!

*punch in the face*

Jokes aside,

Seriously, everyone deserves a second chance

But by hating on someone just by your first impression

You are not even giving a chance.

So be wise.

Walk a mile in their shoes before you make a conclusion.

But if you find it too tiring to walk a mile

Then sit back and observe.

Eat popcorn if you have to.

And to all those who has haters,
Don't worry!

You will still have friends that will back you up no matter what.

Friends that will stick up for you till the very end.

The ones that will pick you up when you fall.

But if no one is helping you,

You might have to ponder.

Do you deserve all the hate you are getting?

OK this is sounding like a lecture now I'm gonna go lol bye

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