Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Omg it's just the first day of caroling and feel so tired as if I've just been up to Mount Kinabalu.

It's kinda okay but still my legs feel like they're breaking and they're so wobbly.


I slept at two am last night and I woke up at 7am.

Damnit now I'm so tired I don't feel like going.

We went to 9 houses last night.

There's just 7 houses tonight so I hope it's gonna be better.


I wanna sleep!!! 

Anyways, it's gonna be Christmas soon,

Let's countdown the days,

4 more days to go,


Monday, 19 December 2011


Well so Angie is here today with me at my house.

Yes you did not hear it wrong she's here right now.

And guess what?

She'll be here staying at my house for 4 days 

Well she's actually here cos we have caroling together and she doesn't have a transport home since it ends at about 1am every night.

So yeah she's over at my place and we're online-ing cos my house is too damn bored to do anything FML.

So tonight is the 1st night of caroling and Angie really looks forward to it.

Not me.

I feel so tired and I don't feel like going I just want to sleep like a piggy 

So yeah anyways there's gonna be lots of food and yes I'll still be a piggy but in a different way.

Not the way it sleeps but the ways it eats 

Anyways, wish that we'll both have have fun tonight 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Surprise!! I'm back to updating my blog again!!

Okay so recently I'm quite busy addicted to watching two TV series.


The other one is The Oath, otherwise known as 行医.

As you can see, I'm totally addicted to the both of them that I totally ignored blogging just to watch them.

In The Oath, Jessica Liu and Christopher Lee is such a cute couple, as though they're meant for each other...

I admire their romantic scenes... I wonder if it will ever happen to me?? Haha just kidding XD

And Merlin is like so awesome and so brave and so kind and so wonderful and blah blah blah (I'm stopping just in case you might think I have a crush on him)

He's like an undercover spy which no one knows about and he's duty is to protect his employer(?), Prince Arthur, without letting him know his true identity 

Oh and btw, Arthur is really handsome and I don't really like the fact that he fancies Guinevere which I think is not good enough for him.

He deserves someone much more beautiful than Guinevere is... Like Taylor Swift maybe??

So I'm not here trying to promote these two series but if you find them interesting, feel free to watch it!

They're SUPERB :D

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Aiyoo very long didn't update blog dy...

Haha lately I'm very lazy to update my blog since no one update their blogs and there's no point for me to continue blogging since no one will read.

But then, I dunno why today I just feel like updating it so I ma update it lo.

Anyways, recently I feel like I'm much much happier liao and I told myself I must never ever be emo again!! Ever!!

So if anyone see me emo please remind me har...

Caroling in church is... Just okay.

It was quite boring actually.

The only person I'm talking to is Angie.

Btw, I don't really mix with those people in church so normally I won't talk to them.

Unless they start talking to me first then it's a slightly different story.

Anyways, we're singing all those songs over and over and over and over and now I'm like. Super bored of them liao la...

The only two songs I look forward to singing is just "A King Is Born" and "This Is Our God", which both sounds AWESOME :D


My holiday life sucks.

There's just nothing to do. NOTHING.

The only few things I can do is study (which my parents wanted me to, no way I'll actually do it), eat (duh, of course, if not I starve to death meh??), sleep (*rolling eyes*),and go on Facebook (secretly de).

So if you don't count eating and sleeping, you can see that the only 2 things left for me to do is study or go Facebooking.

NO WAY I'm studying so I can just go Facebook.

Which I'm like super bored of right now.

But no choice there's nothing else I can do!!

Oh yeah this coming Sunday afternoon me and Angie are going to Pacific to do some caroling.

Feel free to come and watch us la!! :DD