Monday, 19 December 2011


Well so Angie is here today with me at my house.

Yes you did not hear it wrong she's here right now.

And guess what?

She'll be here staying at my house for 4 days 

Well she's actually here cos we have caroling together and she doesn't have a transport home since it ends at about 1am every night.

So yeah she's over at my place and we're online-ing cos my house is too damn bored to do anything FML.

So tonight is the 1st night of caroling and Angie really looks forward to it.

Not me.

I feel so tired and I don't feel like going I just want to sleep like a piggy 

So yeah anyways there's gonna be lots of food and yes I'll still be a piggy but in a different way.

Not the way it sleeps but the ways it eats 

Anyways, wish that we'll both have have fun tonight 

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