Monday, 26 September 2011

Are they really that important to you??

How can you be so close to them, after all that they've done to you??

How can you still treat them so nice, after them hurting you so deeply??

How can you stick to them, after you told me you had sleepless nights, crying hard just because of them??

How can you just abandon us, and just go after them??

How can you forget how we stick together with you when you were at your lowest??

How can you just ignore us after you got them back??

How can you be so ignorant of our feelings??

How can you say that we are the ones that are ignoring you but when we wanted to talk to you, you told us to wait, just because you are in a middle of a conversation with them??

How can you say that you treat us as best friends when all we ever saw was you using us as a tool??

How can you use us just like that then dispose of us right after you don't need us anymore??

If you did that once or twice, I can understand, you're just too naive.

But it's not just once or twice.

There's just simply too many times that i can't recall the exact number.

I tried my best to tell myself that you don't know what you're really doing,

That you still treated us truly,

But just getting a little over-obssessed with them.

After telling myself that for many times,

It seems like i'm just desperately fooling myself.

No, i'm not gonna trust you anymore.

No matter what happens,

If you come to me,

I'll still welcome you,

But i'll never forget what you did before,

And that's not gonna change. EVER.

I'm so disapointed in YOU.

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