Monday, 16 September 2013

Badabing badabum

Hahaha my title has no relation to what I am about to post.

In fact, it does not relate to anything!

Just random as usual.

It was a wonderful weekend for me. With my church loves ♥

Want a little introduction to who are my loves in church?

Like it or not I'm posting it :p

i don't mean to be mean ,
but i don't love every single one of them. A few la haha :p

but these are the people lo. What wonderful memories i have with them ! ♥

just overall, i had an enjoyable weekend. Everyday was used to the fullest and it was very meaningful and fruitful :)

i wish i can graduate faster and quickly get to drive :3 

so i can go to church everyday and see my besties and everyone i love !

omg i feel so loved. I feel like loving people too haha.

want some of my love too? ;)

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