Tuesday, 10 September 2013

One day free from my phone. AWESOME.

That was pure awesomeness.

I didn't have to worry about seeing anything that might hurt my feelings, or afraid of knowing what others are talking about related to me.

Cos I have NO PHONE.


Yes I still care what the others think about me. To be honest, I recently realized after this incident, that I have a big ego.

Not in a bad way, nope, but I can't stand the thought of myself being not perfect, aside from the fact that I am an extremely lazy person.

And I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT accept if anybody thinks I'm not good enough.

Of course yes, nobody is perfect, but I want to be as perfect as possible.

Screw Virgo.


Anyway, I know life isn't all about how people see you and caring about what they say about you.

However, it wouldn't be life if no one isn't saying anything about you. That would summarize your life as NO LIFE. So a critic or two is definitely unavoidable.

Concerning that 'idgaf' thing people are talking about all the time, I cannot fully agree.

At times, yes, why care what a few people say about you? You're already good enough to most. But think about it. If majority of the people dislike you, maybe you DO have a problem.

The problem is, nobody is telling me the truth. I just know it. (Screw Virgo again. Their sixth sense are almost accurate.)

Nobody is telling me how bad the rumours are out there.

No one is telling me if most of my friends are on my side, doubting me, or don't believe me.

I am literally oblivious to everything and I have no idea what to do!

I know they are trying to protect me. They don't wanna hurt me.

But I'd prefer if you hurt me with the truth and not comfort me with a lie.

Cos I can detect lies. I literally have a radar to detect it right inside my brain.


Well.... yeah this is getting depressing.

ps. I know I said I won't be updating often but I just can't help it. No social networks at all lehhhh. Gotta start studying la hahahaha ;)