Monday, 9 September 2013

Bye blog.


Don't be sad my dear viewers!

I am not deleting my blog la.

Just that I am gonna give my phone to my parents and let them keep it for me.

My phone has been slowly eating away my life.

I'm like literally obsessed with it and it is SO NOT A GOOD THING.

soooo I won't be updating so often lo.

No worries! I will be back!

Just I think after the finals.

I'm just sick of all social medias.

Except for my blog cos only worthy people read them.

Since I can't delete any of my social media accounts or I will look like I am just pathetically ashamed and dare not face the world, I decided to give up my phone lo.

At least this way,

I still don't have to "see" all the crap happening.

I will be able to calm myself down, and maybe pray more lo haha :p

so yeah that's all for today.

Just feeling disappointed.

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